citrus fruit




We have fresh citrus fruits, oranges, tangerines (mandarines), lemons.

Fresh Greek Watermelons, many varieties fresh right out of the field

Red, delicious, full of aroma strawberries. 

Greek seasonal vegetables for salad or cooking.

Pagkosmios Fruit: Greek fresh fruits and vegetables

Balasis Fruit Company is a family business dealing with fruit trade with exports to Europe (England, Italy, France) and especially in the Balkans (Bulgaria, Romania etc) and Russia. The company supplies with local, Greek fruit all Greece and European countries  and the company's clients are large wholesalers from Greece and the Balkans.

All the products are the best from local crop producers and hand picked from our associates in order to supply our clients with the best products.

We export Greek products in:
  • Romania
  • Bulgaria
  • Poland
  • Serbia
  • Russia
  • Albania
  • Germany
  • Holland